Diploma Advanced Massage Therapy

CDI College

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Diploma Advanced Massage Therapy

CDI College

The Advanced Massage Therapy program’s primary goal is to provide learning opportunities that promote basic knowledge, skills, ethics, and behaviors that will enable the graduate to successfully practice massage therapy in a variety of healthcare settings.

Career Opportunities

Massage Therapists are valued health care professionals who can seek employment in settings such as private clinics, wellness centers, medical/rehabilitation clinics, sports medicine clinics, hospitals, geriatric care settings, or clinics offering chiropractic, homeopathic and naturopathic care. Opportunities also exist in health spas/hotels, fitness institutes, sports organizations/sports trainers, theatre and dance groups, and tourist destinations and cruise ships. A self-employment is also an option through the performance of private house visits.


Currently, there are no regulations for certification as a Massage Therapist in Alberta. However, employers, contractors, and insurance carriers prefer graduates who are registered with recognized Massage Therapist organizations.

Graduates of this Massage Therapy program may register with the Alberta Association of Massage Therapists and Wholistic Practitioners, Alberta Registered Massage Therapists Society, and the Massage Therapist Association of Alberta.


  • Successful completion of the CDI College Massage Therapy program, or equivalent, with prior learning assessment.
  • Secondary School Diploma (transcript required) with successful completion in Biology 30 or Grade 11 Biology and Physical and Health Education, OR
  • Secondary School Diploma (transcript required) without the above credits, plus completion of a Pre- Admission Science course, OR
  • Mature student status (19 years of age and one year out of high school), plus completion of a Pre-Admission Science course.
  • Passing score on the entrance examination.
  • Pre-Entrance Immunization Report indicating if the student is fit to undertake the program/practical and has up-to-date immunization. In addition to regular immunization, it is mandatory that each student start the immunization process against Hepatitis B within the first month of starting the program. Students may also be required to be immunized against influenza virus, dependent on field placement requirements.
  • Police check indicating the absence of a criminal record.

Graduation Requirements

  • A minimum grade of 70% in all theory and practical courses.
  • A minimum grade of 70% in each of the final comprehensive theory and practical examinations.
  • Successful completion of all Clinic Internship and Externship requirements.
  • Standard First Aid Certificate and CPR Certificate (Level C – Basic Rescuer) must be obtained before starting any Clinic Externship.
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Последна актуализация November 24, 2017
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септ. 2018
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Канада - Vancouver, British Columbia
Дата на начало: септ. 2018
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септ. 2018
Канада - Vancouver, British Columbia
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